Known Lenders

Need a lender you can trust? Ask us for a list of our experienced known lenders with the best rates & guaranteed to make the loan process simple.

Why use a known lender?

Whether you have recently purchased a new construction home or are still searching for your dream home (we can help with that), you will likely need a mortgage loan.

Fast and easy loans

Get pre-qualified with one of our known lenders to find the best loan with the best rate. When you use a known lender they are experienced with the unique aspects of new home construction and providing a loan for new customers. Known lenders are familiar with the builders staff, policies and requirements. This allows for quick and accurate answers to your questions. A known lender will keep you up to date for a faster, less complicated loan.

Saving with known lenders

Using a known lender can save you money, too. Not only do they offer a full range of financing, extend rates and expert mortgage counseling, but may often extend special incentives to buyers who secure their loan. The community sales staff can put you in touch with one of our known lenders who will have the knowledge and expertise for your specific market area.

Using a known lender also provides coverage against the builder’s delayed closing fee of $150 per day.

This fee helps to offset costs the builder may incur due to any delays in closing by a lender our purchaser chooses. If a purchaser uses one of our known lenders and there is a delay caused by the lender, the known lender has agreed to cover the daily fee.


Hand picked to save you time and money

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
Company NMLS 139129
An Approved Equal Housing Lender

Grant Gerhard

NMLS 139129


  • Free Pre-Qualification

  • Simple Streamlined Process

  • No Closing Delays

  • Continual Updates/Follow Up

  • Conventional, FHA, & VA

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