When we decided to leave Las Vegas and move back to Michigan, we looked at many houses and condos near our daughter, and finally decided on Clearview Homes at Lottivue Woods. We had our family look at the quality of their work, and they were very satisfied that we would get a quality-built home. We worked with Chuck Connolly from day one, and felt confident that he would help us make a seamless move.

With having to sell our home in Nevada and purchase the new one in Michigan, it was a lot to undertake.

Chuck is very personable and is easy to talk to, and explained step by step what was required to get the process started. We were happy to sign the papers and begin building our new home.

What we really liked was the update every week, on each step of our construction.

Our daughter lived near where we built, and took pictures so we could see the steady progress. We were very impressed with the work that was being done. Chuck always made sure to call, text or email us to review how the building was going, and help us if we had questions or concerns.

Our son-in-law did our pre-drywall walk through meeting, and told us how impressed he was with the quality. He commented that he knew we would be very happy with our new condo when completed:)

When we returned to Michigan and we saw our new condo 1st hand, and we agreed, it’s beautiful!

We couldn’t be more pleased with Chuck and how he worked with us through the whole process.

We would definitely recommend Chuck to build any condo or custom home with total attention to detail.
Bob and Beverly Mergless
Chesterfield Twp., MI
January, 2024
Paul and I have just closed on our new home this past week and I want to take this opportunity to express how much we have enjoyed working with both Terri and Josh.

When I first reached out to Terri in 2021, we were looking for new builds in the Oxford area and she shared that Lake Manitou Trail was on the plan for 2023. We immediately started planning for our new Clearview home. Terri was always a pleasure and promptly answered any and all our questions and concerns. All the way through the process, Terri made herself available and kept in the loop ready to assist whenever we needed.

We were introduced to Josh at our planning meeting and it's been a pleasure from the start. Josh has always come through to address any concerns we had during the building process and worked to get any issue resolved. I can't say enough about Josh's great attitude and customer service.

Not to short change Dorothy who helped us finalize our building plans. She was also efficient and delightful.

All in all, we are extremely happy with the new home your team has built for us; you have a great team at Clearview Homes. Paul and I are very excited to be part of this beautiful community of Lake Manitou Trail.
Paul and Theresa Odziana
Oxford, MI
January, 2024
Chuck has been a pleasure to work with from the start of our home construction process. My wife and I were in Mexico throughout the whole process. I am a cybersecurity engineer for Ford Motor Company and was working remotely for the past 4 years in Mexico. Covid struck and made it hard for us to come back to Michigan.

We thought it would be extremely hard/close to impossible to construct our home from Mexico in the beginning; however, we were totally wrong. Chuck made the process to select our house with Clearview Homes very easy and effortless. His great customer service, attitude, points of views, tips and ideas all were determining factors to us loving the end result of our home. We did everything via phone calls and virtual meetings. Chuck’s commitment and dedication to us made everything seem so painless and easy going.

Chuck constantly checked in to make sure our questions were answered and that we were at peace with our selections, process, etc. Weekly update calls/emails were very important to us, because we were able to make sure everything was being done as we have talked. Just a great person to work with in all aspects.
We would highly recommend Chuck to help anyone with their new home, even with their eyes closed!
Brian and Martha Garcia
Brandon Twp., MI
November, 2023
We met Chuck Connolly when our agent was helping us tour homes. We couldn't find what we actually wanted due to our Culture and Feng Shui belief. Chuck was introduced us to the idea of finding land, and building our own home, but most importantly, keeping it with in our budget. He explained the process of building a Clearview Home thoroughly from the start of getting a piece of land, along with a very good construction loan, instead of what we were looking at, which was an end loan mortgage. He was patient through our multiple floor plan changes, and helped us dial in the details.

Since it was our first time building a home, we weren't sure if we could select the right colors and items, but Chuck helped us visualize which colors and materials would work the best together.

Although it did take a little time to locate a nice lot, and get things started, Chuck was always there for us. He would often follow up with us, and give us a heads up of what was coming next. He was also always available for us to ask questions and help with anything, and if he didn't know an answer, He would always find out. He always went above and beyond his role to make it easier for us during
the process.

At the end, the quality of the resulting home is wonderful, and we truly appreciated Chuck for coordinating everything, and helping things go so smoothly. He is friendly, patient, & knows his craft very well, but what we love the most about him, is his consistency to communicate with us and how easy it is to contact him.

We would recommend Chuck to anyone for their new home, any time.
It was wonderful working with him.
Narongsak and Suchada Laungphakorn
Rochester Hills, MI
November, 2023
My wife Cristiane and me, we have started the process of looking at new homes in Waterford still in 2022. We looked at a few houses in the area but couldn't seem to find what we were looking for and with a good price.

After a lot of research, we have found through Clearview Homes website that you were opening a new community in Waterford. We called Clearview and then we set up an appointment with Chuck, to show us one of their recent builds in Holly.

We were impressed with the quality of the build and the attention to detail. After several subsequent meetings with Chuck, we decided that Clearview was the right builder to move ahead with.
Chuck was kind and very helpful during the whole process and he helped us to find the best deal with LMCU, allowing us to buy our first house.

We were impressed with the variety of home finishes to choose from during the selections, process and the preconstruction meeting detailing everything from the initial site work, to the final walk through.

During the entire home process, Chuck and John consistently went above and beyond to keep us informed and up to date. We always knew exactly what was being planned, and never felt in the dark during the process.
Clearview's great combination of skilled subcontractors, and highly experienced foremen ensures that every aspect of the home, is built properly and on the way we want.

Chucks commitment and dedication to his customers really impressed me and Cris. He constantly checks in with his customers through the weekly update's emails and calls. He always had good tips and different ideas allowing us to move ahead smoothly during this process.

Based on our experience we would gladly recommend Clearview Homes in the future.
Filipe and Cristiane Becker
Waterford, MI
November, 2023
It is a joy and privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Clearview Homes. My husband
and I have lived in three different apartments in the last seven years with a big energetic dog
and a sleepy cat: to say we were ready for a house of our own was an understatement.

In the Spring of 2021, our rent was going up and we decided to go searching for a home. After a
couple of days of searching we found a new build in Holly that we thought looked promising,
"brand new for that price? No way!" and scheduled a tour.

On that tour we met Chuck Connelly, who was without a doubt passionate and knowledgeable
about the homes he represented, and on top of that he was enthusiastic about the prospect of
helping a young couple get into their first home. After that tour we talked numbers with Chuck
and he went above and beyond to help us secure our plot of land and get our foot in the door as
first-time homebuyers. Without his help we literally wouldn’t be in our beautiful brand new home

Chuck was more than generous with his time and patience as we navigated the sometimes
scary and overwhelming home building and buying process: he sent us weekly emails with
house updates (even if nothing momentous was happening at the time), gave us great ideas
and references for landscaping inspiration, and was always so kind when we asked novice
questions he's likely heard thousands of times from other buyers.

We couldn't be more grateful or appreciative of everything Chuck did for us to get us into our
first home, and for the entire Clearview team for creating such a gorgeous and well-built space.
To say that our little family, cat and dog included, are over the moon happy is an

Based on our experience we would gladly recommend Clearview Homes in the future.
Grace and Nicholas Naumann
March, 2023
In 2018, I started looking at homes, mostly online. My home in Waterford was the perfect size but I hated the kitchen and I felt I would cook more if I had a bigger kitchen. I started looking in Waterford to see if I could find a home similar to my home but with a bigger kitchen. I looked at a few houses in the area but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. They wanted way more money than I was willing to pay for a bigger kitchen.

At this point I decided to check other areas. I came across new homes in the Holly area and decided to check them out. There were 3 different builders in the area. The first homes that I looked at, I decided I was going to build one. Then my brother law said, "Look at the other homes before you make a decision". So, we went to look at the Clearview homes. I walked into the Clearview home and fell in love. I was impressed with the quality of the build and the attention to detail. The home was gorgeous.

During the entire home process, Chuck Connolly (and Kelly), consistently went above and beyond to keep us informed and up to date. I looked forward to visiting the home and seeing the progress every weekend. I would go to the model home and Chuck would take me to look at my home. It was so amazing to see how much had been done every week.

Chuck and Kelly kept me up to date on what was happening in my house each week through weekly phone calls. I always knew exactly what was being planned, and never felt in the dark during the process.

Chuck and Kelly's commitment and dedication to their customers really impressed me during the entire build process. They constantly check in with their customers through the weekly update's, emails and calls. They always responded to my inquiries no matter the time. Throughout the build process I always felt that they were looking out for me and had my best interest at heart.

Kelly has continued to make sure that I was satisfied with my home addressing any concerns that I had after I moved into the house.

I could not be happier with how my home turned out.
Tammy Capehart
Holly, MI
December, 2019
It is my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Clearview Homes.

During late 2017, we started the process of looking at new homes in the area. Our ranch in Berkley, was feeling a bit small for us and was in need of some significant repairs and updates. At this point we were ready to move on to a larger and newer home. We looked at a few houses in the area but couldn't seem to find what we were looing for. After six years in Berkley, we were reluctant to leave our neighborhood. We spent months looking for houses in the area, and eventually decided to investigate the idea of rebuilding with a new house on the lot we currently own in Berkley. We then set up appointments to meet with several local builders. After the meetings with the other builders, we met with Chuck from Clearview and toured one of their recent builds in Berkley. We were impressed with the quality of the build and the attention to detail. After several subsequent meetings with Chuck, we decided that Clearview was the right builder for our project, and moved forward with a new home build, on our lot. We were impressed with the variety of home finishes to choose from during the selections, process and the preconstruction meeting detailing everything from the initial site work, to the final walk through.

During the entire home process, Chuck, Barry and John consistently went above and beyond to keep us informed and up to date. We look forward to Chuck and Barry's weekly phone call updates during the build. We always knew exactlty what was being planned, and never felt in the dark during the process. Clearviews great combination of skilled subcontractors, and highly experienced foremen ensures that every aspect of the home, is built proplerly

Chucks commitment and dedication to his customers really impressed us during the entire build process. He constantly checks in with his customers through the weekly update's emails and calls. He always responded to our inquiries no matter the time. Throughout the build process we always felt that Chuck was looking out for us and had our best interest at heart.

We could not be happier with how our home turned out. We are constantly receiving compliments from our family, friends and neighbors.

Based on our experience we would gladly recommend Clearview Homes in the future.
Kelly & Phil Backers
Berkley, MI
December, 2019
Terri Thiede was very helpful, organized and quick. She was honest and very knowledgeable. We are grateful for her help and would strongly recommend her to our friends and family.
Aga Fisher
Oxford, MI
October, 2019
To Whom it May concern,

Me and my husband would like to personally say thank you to Chuck Connolly, Kelly George, and Clearview team that helped walk us through the process of building our first home.

As First-time buyers, me and my husband had questions upon questions as we had a lot to learn throughout the process. Chuck made himself readily available to answer all our questions whether on the phone or through email. We originally went to walk through the Holly site, and immediately fell in love with the model.

Chuck explained the process and took the time to go through all the options, to give us a price quote on building. Not only did he do that but he also got us in contact with their preferred mortgage lender which I thank god for because they were wonderful to work with. Clearview went above and beyond for us. We truly felt like we were getting a fantastic value.

From start to finish, the entire building process went seamlessly and we loved the weekly call updates from Kelly and Chuck allowing us to feel involved the entire time. To say the end product was perfect would be an understatement. We are absolutely in love with the finished product! It will be almost a year since we moved in and we love this house as much as we did on day one.

We would highly recommend purchasing through Clearview Homes! We couldn't be more pleased with the service we received and quality of house we have.

Thank you, Clearview Team!!!

Best Regards,

Rachel Robinson | McLarens
Administrative Assistant
Rachel Robinson
September, 2019
Communication and putting you at ease are skills that Terri possesses. She is deeply concerned and focused on your particular needs and interests. It is a pleasure to work with Terri!
Kutler Sandra
Oxford, MI
September, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,

My Husband and I have worked hard throughout our life to provide a solid foundation for our children; a nice house, exceptional schools, safety, and ample opportunities. In 2018, however, we found ourselves empty nesters with an opportunity to chase our dreams; a quiet city with a house close to nature and GM Proving Grounds. We started our hunt for a new home in Holly, MI with Chuck Connolly at Clearview Homes. Little did we know, we would be working closely with Chuck throughout the next few months.

Anyone who has met Chuck knows that he is kind and relatable. He also has a passion for his work with Clearview. Chuck walked us through the model house and proudly demonstrated the superior building features ~caulk between boards, superior wood flooring, and constructs that led to higher energy efficiency. Then, he took the time to consult with us for over a half an hour, listening carefully to our wants, dreams, and needs. At first look, I felt like this Clearview was too good to be true, so we left to look at a dozen or so other houses.

As we looked at both older homes and newer builds, nothing measured up to the Clearview home. It quickly became apparent that Clearview was building superior homes in an ideal location for our family. We touched base with Chuck throughout this process and he answered our plethora of questions patiently, in a timely manner, always subtly reminding us of Clearview home features that we adored. After a mere three days, we called Chuck and requested a second walk-thru. He happily indulged our request. The rest, they say, is history.

Chuck Connolly is a committed and passionate professional that has extensive knowledge of his products and community. He went above and beyond for us, grabbing our mail, meeting us closer to home so I wouldn't miss my cancer treatments, and being dedicated to us as future Clearview homeowners. One specific example of this: Chuck badly injured his knee during his time working with us. He did not cancel his panning session with us, he pushed through and met with us for over two hours, putting his needs aside. This absolutely speaks to me, that he would be so incredibly dedicated. Most professionals would've rescheduled or had another representative meet with us- Chuck did not. Additionally, Chuck answered our calls, questions, and emails day or night. If he couldn't answer our queries, he put us in touch with people who could.

Chuck Connolly went above and beyond our expectations as a professional with Clearview Homes. Our experience was phenomenal because of his hard work and dedication.
Our sincere thanks,

Rich and Margurite Foshee
Rich and Margurite Foshee
Holly, MI
February, 2019
I bought my 1st house with Terri. She was extremely helpful in helping me understand the process on top of explaining the process for new builds. She was very respectful and responsive to my many questions and requests. She looked out for me as a buyer by pushing me to not spend money on certain items that would not add value to the home and the subsequent appraisal. I would recommend her to anyone buying a new home.
Kevin Adamek
Clinton Twp., MI
October, 2018
I really enjoyed working with Terri when we purchased our new house. She was very helpful and knew her stuff. Terri was always available if we had questions or concerns about the process or anything else, day or night. I would highly recommend Terri.
Kim Comerford
Springfield Twp., MI
October, 2018
Terri has a wonderful smile on her face and is so pleasant to work with. Terri is accessible, knowledgeable and ready to take quality time for her customers. I was very impressed with Terri because I could always reach her, she communicates immediately and takes action immediately. Things get done with Terri and that is what my husband and I came to expect and we were never disappointed or dissatisfied. We would not hesitate to work with Terri again in the future. We had an awesome experience with Terri.
Debbie Pettus
Davisburg, MI
October, 2018
Terri was wonderful and helped us through the entire process! This was the first time we built a house, and Terri helped us through each decision. We have been in our new home for about a month, and we love it! It has been a wonderful experience! It was great working with Terri! We highly recommend her!
Cheryl & Doug Price
Oxford, MI
October, 2018
I am a Real Estate agent who has had 2 homes close with Clearview. Julie was great with keeping my clients informed weekly throughout the process. As well as copying me on all emails. Eric is also readily available if the need arises. Clearview will be first to mind when I have a client looking to build a new home.
Dorene Phan
Washington Twp, MI
December, 2017
I have worked with Clearview Homes on many homes & projects for the past 8 (+) years and there attention to detail is second to none! I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new home! Just go visit one of there model homes - I am sure you will agree!
Ron Roehr
Chesterfield, Michigan, MI
November, 2017
Clearview Homes recently completed our custom Hampton Home. This Letter serves as a recommendation for the great experience we have had with Clearview as our Builder. Specifically, we are grateful for the services and efforts of Chuck Connolly. Our sales Representative, and Barry Solomon our foreman.

We targeted Clearview to hire as our builder since 2012 when we walked through a Providence and a Tyler model home. As years passed we researched other builders and kept circling back to Clearview as the best choice. We were in constant contact with Chuck since 2012, and he always kept us in the loop of possible sites and availabilities your company had. Not once did we ever feel pressured or felt like Chuck was soliciting a sales pitch to us, which other builders tried. In turn we knew we would have a great working relationship with Chuck and Clearview. Finally, in 2016 we pulled the trigger, and have not looked back.

Chucks’ constant communication and thorough explanation of the entire process was invaluable to us as first-time home-owners. He also exhibited excellent savvy and knowledge of updated style for the home. He guided us from the beginning, and even checked back with us after moving in.

Barry was excellent as well in communicating updates and the status of the build itself. He did such a thorough job of explaining the stages of the process and how long each would take. He was also easily accessible for communication purposes and returned calls and messages immediately. We were very comfortable talking to Barry about any complaints or issues we had, and he addressed them immediately. We also witnessed Barry taking a hands-on approach with his sub-contractors to ensure the build was being done correctly. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

If Clearview ever needs a referral from your clients, please send then our way. We’ll gladly tell anyone looking to build that Clearview is the top choice.

Ron and Jessica Gayta
Berkley Michigan, MI
November, 2017
Our Clearview team has been fantastic!

From the moment that we first inquired about Clearview via e-mail, through the closing and now through our first week of ownership Chuck and Barry have been pleasant, efficient and responsive.

Chuck started by taking us on a few tours of partially finished homes and explained the entire construction process. He arranged a tour of a completed Princeton home and that sealed the deal for our decision.

John I would like to personally thank him for talking us through a very exciting journey in building our new home. Once we met and began the project, everything that we desired in our new home was made a reality as we consulted. He kept our budget a top priority. He explained each option-where we could spurge, what's easy to update on our own, etc.

Chuck gives top notch customer service too-big thanks for accommodating us during all the paperwork(we had 3 kids in tow at the design center and Chuck set them up with toys/drawing table) When the paperwork to start the process was ready, we had an ill child and couldn't leave home. Chuck brought all the documents to us and really went out of his way.

The personal attention that we received from Chuck and Barry, along with the rest of the Clearview team sure made our move, an easy one. The weekly phone calls ensured everybody was on the same page at all times. Everyone was outstanding.
We can't say enough great things about Clearview.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Heather & John Svobodas
Troy, MI
September, 2015
My husband and I would like to commend our sales associate, Chuck Connolly, for his outstanding assistance in the purchase of our new home. We weren't even seriously looking to purchase a new home upon entering the model.

Chuck's knowledge and vivacity were key components in our decision to purchasing our home. We felt absolutely no pressure but walked away with a better understanding of Clearview Homes and their standards for building quality homes.

Chuck was available to answer any and all questions at any time of the day or evening. We were so impressed with his knowledge and attentiveness that we spoke directly to Eric about him at our closing.

We couldn't be more pleased with the service we received, and we love our Clearview Home!
Brian & Shannon Warzecha
Oxford, MI
September, 2015
To: Whom it may Concern:
Reference our Sales Representative, Chuck Connolly.

Thanks for all your help with our new home purchase. You truly made it an easy decision to build through Clearview. Your ability to listen to customers’ needs and deliver results exceeded our expectations. From the start of the process to after close you have always available to address any issues/concerns that arose and made building a home as stress free as possible. I will recommend Chuck Connolly and Clearview to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Will & Becca
Oxford, MI
September, 2015
I wanted to take a moment to thank Chuck Connolly for assisting Mike and I in developing the beautiful home, that we are now enjoying so much.

Throughout the process, his experience in home building was very helpful in getting us the end result we were hoping for.

From start to finish, the entire process was rather seamless, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks again. We are glad to be in our home but hope our relationship with Clearview and yourself
Michael & Michelle Spisz
Oxford, MI
September, 2015
Dear Chuck,

I wanted to take a moment to offer our sincerest thanks in helping us find the home of our dreams. When we first met at the Ellwood property in Berkley, Lydia and I had spent the previous two months unsuccessfully looking for a home in Royal Oak that fit all of our needs. You gave us a tour of that home in mid-construction to show us what makes a Clearview home different. Your explanation and detailed knowledge helped us to find the answer we were searching for. Let’s build exactly what we want, and let’s build with Clearview.

We had an agent assist us with the sale of our home, but when it came to negotiating the final deal, we never felt like we needed anyone else to help us. You simply asked us for a list of what we needed and want we wanted. The final deal exceeded our expectations.

Lydia and I thought the selection process was a blast. We were nervous making decisions that we’d be living with for a long time, but you helped guide us with your explanations and suggestions. Some of those suggestions are our favorite parts of our new house!

We are now three weeks in our new home and it’s everything we had always dreamed of. You were great and we tell everyone we know about the amazing experience we had.
Franklin Shepard
Royal Oak, MI
August, 2015
Hi Chuck,
Thank you so much for all your help though out the process!
You are more than welcome to stop by.
Yes, I am very excited to be in a great well-built home.
Lots of complements from Family and Friends!

Thanks Again!
Gary Parrone
Royal Oak, MI
July, 2015
To: Anyone looking at building a New Home.

After visiting an empty lot in Oxford, we were intrigued with the thought of building a home, but as first-timers, we were a little nervous.

At our first meeting with Chuck, he explained in detail many aspects of Clearview's process, their craftsmanship and their attention to detail.

As we were making our decision to proceed, Chuck was there with answers to our many questions, and when it came to making our home selections, we relied on Chuck for steady guidance and his helpful advice.

When construction got underway, the weekly update phone call with Chuck was more than just a newsletter, it was an opportunity to ask questions and we learned plenty along the way.

Even since closing, Chuck and our project foreman have continued to be attentive.

After three weeks in our new home, we’re pleased to provide this letter of recommendation to Chuck Connolly and Clearview Homes.
Bill & Becki Whitney
Oxford, MI
January, 2015

Thank you for all your assistance during the negotiating process with the builder. We felt so comfortable with you that we didn't find it necessary to have an agent on 'our side'. You certainly went to bat for us. Although my wife and I have purchased a few other homes in the past this was our first new home. You were always available to us during the process and continue to be to this date. We are loving and enjoying our new home, and we applaud you and the rest of the Clearview family.
Timothy Herndon
Milford, MI
November, 2014
Hi Chuck,

Thank you for all the help over the past couple months - you did more for us than our own agent!

Your willingness to go above and beyond was greatly appreciated, and your friendly and welcoming demeanor made you a joy to work with.

As first time home buyers, my wife and I obviously have a lot to learn, and you were very patient with our never-ending questions. You were always available, whether it be on the phone or to meet up. You made the process not only go smoothly, but also be fun rather than stressful.

We love our new home, and you definitely played a big role in that. You are also the single biggest reason that we will be speaking highly of, and referring people to, Clearview in the future.

Thanks for everything!
Ted & Nina Gott
Berkley, MI
November, 2014
Hi Chuck,

I just wanted to thank you for spending time with me and my clients this weekend. You were extremely thorough and informative with my clients. They're first time home buyers as a married couple and have never looked at new construction.

I loved the way you took them through the different options, gave them insight on why your builder does certain upgrades (cost savings - especially on the furnace), and gave them options for saving money.

Your weekly update approach during the construction process is great and gives the client assurance on what's going on in the process. You have them so excited they want to get started as soon as they can.

Thanks Again
Jennifer Ciara
Chesterfield, MI
November, 2014
Hi Chuck,

It has been a very pleasant experience working with you and your suggestions on what to upgrade vs. not have been really great, and correct. It's because of you that we have felt comfortable coming back to Clearview.
Last year we were one step away from signing but due to personal problems that came up at the very last minute, we had to defer.
This year when we felt we were ready, we straight came to you because of the trust we have in you.

Look forward to continue to work with you.

Rochester Hills, MI
November, 2014
Hi Eric and Kelly-
It was a pleasure working with you to close this transaction and I wanted to send a testimonial to you. I walked away from this closing impressed by your communication throughout the process and even more impressed of how you met all the proposed timelines during the construction process. When the build process began with our client, the targeted close date was December 20th and sure enough everything was completed on time and we had a great closing as scheduled on December 20th. The buyer mentioned to me during this process how every time they went to the home to get updates, something constructive was being done at the home. You guys do a great job!!

Troy Bergman, Mortgage Loan Consultant
NMLS ID #140061
John Adams Mortgage Company
275 S. Old Woodward Ave.
Birmingham, MI 48009
Office: 248.283.8500
Mobile: 313.410.7111
Fax: 248.283.8510
Troy Bergman
Birmingham, Michigan , MI
December, 2013
My Wife and I had been looking for the last year or so trying to find a house in Clarkston that would accommodate our family of six. We were looking for a four bedroom with 2½ baths with a basement for under 350,000. We were coming to the conclusion that we might have to buy a fixer upper, which wasn't in our best interest considering we had newborn twin boys. Finally, as luck would be on our side, we stumbled across a new sub off Clintonville, The Vineyards of Clarkston. It was a charming little developing neighborhood that seemed perfect for our family. Fortunately the front office was open. This is where we met the sales manager Holly Slay. She embraced us with a warming smile and today what we would consider a friendship. She shared with us the vision that Clearview Homes had for the neighborhood. All of the options that would fit our family's wants and needs were displayed so perfectly. We left her office shocked and excited knowing that Holly could make sure that we would receive all of our must haves, within our Budget. Holly and the team at Clearview Homes exceeded all of our expectations, from the day we put our SOLD sign on the property well past the day we received the keys to move in to our beautiful new home. Other individuals that deserve recognition, besides the wonderful Holly Slay, are Paul (the General Foreman) and Eric (Owner and builder). Together as a great team they exceeded all of our expectations.
Thanks for everything, The Boan Family
Chris/Christine Boan
Clarkston, MI
August, 2013
My wife and I decided to build a home and started our search. We found Clearview and we couldn't have made a better choice. We met with Holly, Eric and Max. The three of them are very professional and wonderful to talk to. They made the whole process very easy and fun. We were contacted every week with updates throughout the whole build. Any questions we had, all three of them were a phone call away. Holly made the selections very easy and was very helpful and Eric was very accommodating with other ideas that we had. Now Max, I don't even think I can say enough about this guy. He made sure everything came together. His standards are very high with his crew and every time we drove by, we were impressed with how clean everything was and the attention to detail he has is top notch. We would like to say thank you to everyone at Clearview. Our family loves every inch of our beautiful home. What a great experience.
Dave & Heidi Sullivan
Oakland Township, MI
August, 2013
My wife and I were fortunate enough to discover Clearview Homes when we decided to move from New Jersey to Michigan. We met with Holly and Eric and began a long distance relationship while our home was built. The professionalism and true concern for our needs was outstanding. We have had three homes built and our experience with the folks from Clearview was without a doubt the absolute best. Eric was in constant contact insuring that we got exactly what we wanted. He was quick to explore new and better ways to meet out needs. The home is constructed with professional care and the interior was designed to meet all our needs and desires with quality being the key ingredient.
I strongly recommend Clearview Homes to anyone desiring a quality home built with a personal touch.
Robert Snyder
Sterling Heights, MI
July, 2013
There is something to be said about exceptional customer service and the ability for a company to constantly go above and beyond your expectations...that company is Clearview Homes. It has been a year since we purchased our home from Clearview and we are extremely pleased with our end result. Their building/selection process is efficient and smooth and built around customer satisfaction in a no-nonsense kind of way.
I still cannot believe we got so lucky to find Clearview Homes and then to have built our dream home without delays, problems or excessive charging for upgrades truly is "out of the norm" for the industry. Honest company, friendly and caring staff, amazing end product with an owner that stands by his word...what more could you ask for?
Oakhurst 2012
Jen and Zak Sesti
Jen Sesti
Clarkston/Independance, MI
May, 2013
We want to thank everyone at Clearview Homes for an exceptional home building experience. We have been involved in building 4 homes over the last 27 years. This last experience with Clearview was the smoothest process we have ever been through.

From Danielle our Clearview sales person, to Eric the owner and both of the superintendents Barry and Tony, all were more helpful and professional than we have experienced in the past.

We received weekly conference calls on the homes progress as well as being informed of details which we needed to participate in. They held to their timeline of progress like no other project we have been involved with. During the final walk-through we were educated on all of the home's mechanical operations according to a whole house check list..

While we have planned this to be our last home building experience, if we were to build again Clearview Homes would be our clear choice of a building company. We will be referring others to them.

Thank you!
Dave & Peggy Giancola
Shelby Township, MI
May, 2013
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